Let's Stock the Shelter!

Sponsor-A-Cage this November!


We are in need of cat cages of various sizes to include cages for families, and individuals

The shelter provides care to over 2,800 cats per year.  Flexibility in cages is important to accommodate the needs of those within the shelter.  A variety of cages must be available within the shelter. The cages are designed to be portable, provide safe and comfortable temporary housing for cats who are awaiting a new forever home.

* All the items to be used in the Animal Shelter have been carefully chosen to meet the strict safety and infection control guidelines and fit in with the overall design, therefore we cannot accept used or independently purchased items.

Cost:  $250.00 per cage. We welcome you to donate any amount you can to our campaign below. 

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Any donation amount can be made to help us stock the shelter with new cages this November.
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